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  • Tradesman Machinist Conventional Drill and Countersink Accessory T6CM06D .112 to .866 Diameter May 2023


New for May 2023 Tradesman Chisel Tip Drill Point and Countersink attachment for Tradesman Machinist
This CM06 Unit comes with 2 Chucks  1/8 to 1/2 inch and 3/8 to almost 7/8, and a feed platform that mounts to the Tradesman Machinist ( 8 Inch CBN Wheel)  is best with the 92mm 130V DC. Shown Here on a new NC92
The T6 CM06 Fits on all Tradesman Grinders
The 92 MM 130 v is standard in all of our T8  Machinist Belt, and Edge Apex Grinders