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  • ACCU-Finish Style Compound Angle Tables for Tool Bit and Carbide Insert Grinding for Tradesman Machinist June 2023


This Item is Made with  Tradesman 92mm 130V  DC Motor With a near Zero Run out Shaft

This machine has a Face wheel with a replaceable grit Face.

The ACCU-Finish Compound angle grinder has been a must-have for tuning up tool bits , inserts  and Boring bars
Very  useful item for tuning up Carbide tips is no longer available
It appears they stopped making it.


We are  going to Massage the Tradesman Machinist lineup (again)


 Perfect Job for a variable speed Tradesman Machinist   ~~~ Time to up our game
Jeff    ~~    Available ~~ June 2023

Tradesman Machinist Tool Bit grinder wheel with Indexable Diamond Disks

Grit 80# 120# 150# 180# 240# 320# 400# 600# 800# 1000# 1200# 1500#2000# 3000# are all available. 


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