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Cuttermasters is here to help with your every-day and specialty grinding needs. CUTTERMASTER Professional and the Tradesman DC Bench Grinder, Cuttermasters has something to help you keep your shop up and running with sharp tools.

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How to grind an end mill end on a CM01P , Set up tips for all end mill end grinds


End Mill End Grinding options Cuttermaster Professional CM01P

Quick plunge 4 flute 2 flute 3 flute  think it through gash 5 flute Plunge Quick end 4 and 5…

Tradesman Apex Belt Model 421 300 to 3600 SFM Reversing Horizontal Belt

Coming July 15 2023  Just for Matt   Jeff

Fast Cut CBN cut off wheels 60 Grit for Cutting Hardened Steel and HSS on a Tradesman Machinist

CBN Was Invented by General Electric as a superabrasive to be used on carbon steels.  Diamond, Steel, and heat do…

How to Sharpen a Variable 5 Flute end mill Journeyman JXTR

Choose a center-cutting geometry In this case, we have chosen to make one flute cross the center Choose a flute…

4 Flute Variable Flute Corner Radius Grind (variable pitch flutes) Variable Pitch Bullnose End Mill Tapered Cup Wheel

Rested tooth Corner Radius grind Variable pitch 4 flute carbide Here a tool rest is used to govern  the corner…

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Grind a 4-Flute Variable Pitch Center Cutting Endmill on The JXT