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  • CM03 MK2 (T) Ball End and Corner Radius Attachment – all Cuttermaster Models

The New CM03 MK2  is an improved version of the old CM03 Rad attachment. The CM03 has been around for
quite a while and there are a lot of fans so I didn’t want to mess too much with a good thing but we can do better in several areas, Its time now , its gonna be pretty.  Jeff

  • Longer Gibs
  • Wider dovetail
  • 360 Degree Swing capable
  • Long Tool Option up to an 8-inch length
  • 5C Collet
  • Center locating step (no need to find spindle center for Ball-end work)
  • Coming soon CM03 MK3  ( helical compensation for steeper flute helix tools)

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