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A new single speed CM01 Certifed  to UL for sale in the US



Our new Air spindle for the Journeyman (about time)


New Radius attachment for Cuttermaster type machines. CM03D

Cuttermaster Professional CM03D

New Magnetic Y axis DRO  and Tool indexing clearance feature  (its cool)

CM03E Helical interpolation  coming July 1, 2021


Tradesman Edge for Knife sharpeners  both dry belt and water bath (Coming up)

Making quick work of a large 2 Flute HSS END Rim Grind using a JXT tower on an Old Cuttermaster


A good way to Rough off the end of a large tool without using a chop saw


  Where not to put a tool rest.

Always rest the tooth your working on , this was a bit tricky to support
We thinned out a Cuttermaster rest tucked under the tooth being ground
Used a small 12V9 CBN Dish wheel at about 1500 rpm stayed nice and cool


Finally testing the new CM03E Radius attachment with helical interpolation

Sharpening Lathe tools (and Inserts) on a Machinist

This week July 21 20121
Making custom Step drills on a New Journeyman JXT

New Digital magnetic indicator Kit This is slick zero installation time X or Y axis

Making an Inverted reamer on a Journeyman using the ER32 Motor Spindle and a CBN Face wheel


2023 Radius Air Spindle

Looking good , Wrenchless