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This is for Weldon Fans  The Weldon Model S Relieving Fixture

For axial or radial relieving of drills, countersinks, taps, etc.
Includes 11 cams. Uses Ericson/Kennametal 180DA collets,

Has it’s own feed system, so it lends itself to being used with most any grinder.

We own a couple of these Weldon’s  and an RO  Form Grinding Head so I thought we would share some information,
on how these devices can be set up on Grinders available today

Its a beautiful piece of equipment, so is the RO    It it is hard to find information on these two beauties. SO  

This  is the Famous Weldon S 200 Grinding Fixture and the RO in coming weeks and  how it can be used on Journeyman Grinders, Here we are using a Toycen Infinite  DC  twin wheel motorhead.

 Journeyman Set up. Using a 5 inch 180 Diamond Face wheel running about 1600 RPM keeping things cool
Rotate the motor 45 degrees used 4, 123 blocks to bring the centers up to match

Works very well 90 Degree spot drills , 82 degree countersinks , multi and Zero flute