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Tradesman T6 92 Reversing 200 to 2000 RPM, No more expensive face wheels

Swing Plus or Minus 70 Degrees, 25 down 5 degrees up

Diamond Abrasive Disks available in the following grits

Currently In Stock: 240#  320#  600# 1000# 1200#  and 2000  grit

We were approached in Feb 2023 to design an ACCU finish Style machine as they were no longer available
Reviewing the previous art ,
I decided to use one of our 130 V DC 92 mm Motors (very powerful at low speed), super accurate Shaft run out, mount it in a Tradesman Machinist, design a compound table assembly, for that we used, IGUS dry linear bearings and a MIC 6 Cast ground aluminum tooling plate for the deck

Then we made replaceable wheel surfaces, so our customers could buy a sharp surface for 25.00

I like it , so far so good
We hope you do too !
Jeff Toycen


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