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You’re new favorite grinding wheel that you didn’t know existed.
Say goodbye to your stone wheels, burnt fingers and slimey Bucket of water.
Hello to our Precision Plated CBN wheel for lathe and mill operators.
The Tradesman 6″ CBN Lathe Master is for lathe operators who want to make quick work of chip breakers on lathe tools and flycutters.
It has been designed with two radsĀ  .160″ and .060″.
Traditional stone wheels just don’t cut it for making chip breakers. Stone wheels change shape as soon as you use them which creates an imperfect cutting lip and a potentially lumpy chip breaker. One must also deal with the safety aspect of stone dust, exploding stone wheels and a bucket of water to manage the heat generated by stone wheels.
This wheel addresses all of these problems. Our precision plated grinding wheels never change shape and they stay sharp so that you can have sharp tools when you need them. They don’t generate any stone dust and they won’t break apart. The CBN cutting teeth scoop material rather than sanding it off with a stone wheel, which generates much less heat while still removing a lot of material.