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  • Six Flute End Mill Center cutting 2021 Journeyman JXT (3 inch Plated bond wheel)

Flutes are easy, making good center cutting ends is not so easy, until now. With the new JXT its any wheel any approach you can get it done, its quiet powerful you can grind at 1/3 the traditional RPM and never overheat a tool, and its fun. (ends are NEVER fun).

One of the problems I’ve noticed is that is that the 11V9 should not be the only game in town for doing ends, this is GS1 WheelMade by Seashore diamond in  Taiwan, they make some of the best wheels in the world.  We sell a lot of these drill sharpeners that use this wheel, we always have them in stock in CBN or Diamond ,  and they just don’t wear out 🙂

The wheel is mounted on a short shaft extension so it can easily reach center and it did a beautiful job on this six flute end

We use this same wheel on our easy ends kit on the CM01 , new info coming on that later this week.

Jeff Toycen