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  • Set up Options Necks , Flats JXT (single wheel) CM01P Tower Twin Wheel

Essentially with the new motor spindle height,  Either is good

Necks and flats are best done with the tool to be ground and motor spindle in the Y axis orientation (in this circumstance)

The CM01P Tower  has a more powerful motor and you can leave wheels mounted and trued in place  (Popular with tool grinding companies)

The JXT Single wheel more user friendly. (more popular with machine shops)

For a  fine finish on Tool necks, a trued in place resin bond wheel is preferred.


                     Single wheel JXS with Leverslide table



 JXT   Twin Wheel Tower        Flats neck n Stuff



Twin wheel Tower Neck Flat set up with lever slide

Lever Slide Attachment for production grinding of Weldon flats

unmount demo  (pretty quick)

Introduction slideshow to the 2020 Journeyman JXS