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In this video we resize a shell reamer a few thousandths , and grind a non cutting pilot;
At 2.187 the Cutter was  too large for a 5C collet set up and since it was a cylindrical grind we didnt want to use an Air Spindle.
I set it up on a the lathe using our 77mm DC tool post Grinder set up and a 220 grit CBN wheel.
Our DC Motor speed was about 1000 RPM as the cuts were very light.


I was thinking about Producing a Small Tool Post grinder with our 77 MM Motor (300 Watt 3600 Rpm 1NM.) 6 amp KB 16 Controller .

Traditionally to effectively Grind one needs a very robust (heavy and stable) that correlates with wheel sharpness to produce a good finish.
This test set up, the wheel balanced 220 Grit CBN was trued and kept dressed produced a good finish.

The customer reported the reamer worked well.
I think we may have another useful product idea, Ill see if we can pretty this up a bit
Jeff Toycen
Dec 2023