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  • Everything you always wanted to known about grinding Ball and Bull nose end mills on a Cuttermaster

This Post is about Radius grinding start to finish.
Beginning with tool Setting and ending grinding full ball end secondary’s (a challenge)

Now that all of the equipment has been designed and works as intended.
Our Mission now is to provide enough information , so that our customers
 will enjoy the process.

Watch for this:  I noticed that on operations as particular as end mill work
when the machine or  does not work as intended it wears out the operator
I Avoided Rads and center cut end for years because it was just
no fun working with what was available.   So I redesigned everything from scratch.

Ends and Rads are now fun to grind, and the activity will not burn out the operator.

Hope you like what we’ve done
Jeff Toycen   2024

It all starts here, you need to be able to load and re load the end mill
The Timing (orientation) in the collet must be reliable.
If you get the timing activity right you will know what to expect,
This whole process is easier to understand start to finish when are no errors to troubleshoot.

Some of the basics
2024 is the year rads get easy

CM03D  Radius Attachment is really nice to use compared to its predecessor.