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  • Edge Apex From Tradesman 10 Bench grinder to EDGE Apex Workstation Evolution (draft) 4 years in development 2020-2024

Edge Apex  for 2024

The edge has been evolving over the last four years . This has been an interesting ride

​We went out and asked Knifemakers and Knife Sharpeners what they wanted in this new machine tool

Some of the good ideas were , use of Tormek wheels, Platen Surface Belt over wheel, Cycle time isn a big deal for sharpeners as was  wheel life was a big item for sharpeners

To use Tormek wheels 12mm axle was chosen  , The long axles were problematic when it came to shipping as the edge is a heay machine

If the machine arrived safetly   the long 12 mm axles are fine.

But getting the machines delivered without bending the long axles was not working

​As of may 2024 we have come up with a stronger and more reliably produced axle assembly

The 250 mm wheels that drive high speed belts and reverse are now pinned to our axles.

There is a locking cap feature for people that want to use Tormek wheels

​Movie here

This is a simple reliable assembly easy to produce and works well for all wheel types

In our case being a heavier high speed reversing machine there were some accuracy and reliability issues we had to deal with

Movie Here


How to Assemble your edge




The 2024 Edge Apex

is the result






May 1 2024
Thinning Platen


New Movie From Pete knife sharpening

Well done Pete !