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  • Cuttermasters New Sharp Synthetic Diamond Chamfer Wheels – 80 Grit

Cuttermaster Precision Plated Bond grinding wheels are comprised of pieces of synthetic diamond nickel plated on to the wheel substrate. The shape of those diamonds contributes to the wheel’s grinding efficiency. The sharp diamond used in this new 80 grit wheel, sharper than our 100 and 180 grit chamfer wheels, will provide cooler and more efficient grinding as the diamond removes material with less force. These sharp 80 grit wheels are the best for more demanding material removal such as Weldon set screw flats.

Plated Bond, Set Screw Flat Chamfer Wheel, Close Up

Sharp Versus Round Synthetic Diamond



Cuttermasters Weldon Set Screw Flat Chamfer Wheel, CM-WF.5-80

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