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  • Cuttermaster Professional CM01 T Production Support workstation Grinds, End mills Reamers Countersinks Taps, neck reduction grinds, tool cut off

The new CMO1 T is a production support workstation
Eliminate downtime.
Package Includes :
CM01V  Collet set , JXSFC  ER32 Shank Grind Cut off Attachment, a PS1
$4586.00 US
This CM01T system grinds:
End mill flutes and ends Corner rads
Variable Flutes end and Corner rads
Perfect weldon flats
Neck reduction grinds
Carbide and HSS tool cut offs
Sharpens reamers
Re size  reamers Grind Reamer Diameters
Sharpen counter sinks Chatterless Weldon 1, 2, and 3 Flute
Sharpens taps 2, 3 flute spiral flute Taps