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Z-axis Digital

Regarding Wheels and comparison to the Dual wheel Cuttermaster Professional

The New Single wheel Cuttermaster Professional  better utilizes the original Cuttermaster Base in that the wheel is centered over the Y-Axis With the tool spindle mass over to the right ion the X Axis

The Single wheel Pro has a standard 1-1/4 wheel bore / hub found on most tool grinders it will mount any wheel 4,5 or 6 inch, 100 125 or 150 mm.
The Motor is a 300 watt DC 4000 RPM. The tower and motor mount are the same as the 2 wheeled pro.

The single wheel motor has the same up and down tilt as an original cuttermaster, or remove the thumbscrew and the motor tips and tilts and locks in place for end face work picture CM01DCT.
Bottom line, you can do ends  fast concave grinds like the original Cuttermaster using the side of the wheel or the more professional approach using the face from left or right