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About Us

about_cuttermastersCuttermasters– Is a leading innovator  in cutting tool grinding equipment. We have an amazing team in an industry that runs on innovation.  Every Saturday for the last decade our engineering team has rolled  out a new idea.  (most of which you will find on our blog )

The 2016  Journeyman JXT -State of the art End Mill Sharpener is now much more of a full up tool grinder , the 2016 JXT incorporates a our new towerr which allows the user to rapid index primary and secondary flute angles and Raise the wheel for getting at flutes on Hoggers and End Gashes on regular end mills. (we did give the other guys a 45 year head start).

The Toycen Tradesman and Tradesman Machinist  Patented (Good Idea Marty !)– our bench-mounted, universal DC grinders : woodturners, machine shops tool modification, welding and composite material fabrication. This is a hot item for machine shops  (2016 Tradesman Machinist)

Toycen GSC and YN Machines  our line of world class drill and end mill end sharpeners.  We have most of these machines build to our own specifications  and as such we have very long warranties.

Cuttermasters and Tradesman Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels are world class precision plated and resin bond grinding wheels. Cuttermasters is the largest seller of the CUTTERMASTER End Mill Sharpener world wide and is the sole producer of CUTTERMASTER Professional, the CUTTERMASTER CM01 DC Tool Grinder.

“We  test everything that looks good in tool grinding. If its good we carry it.  Our tool grinders make it very easy for any shop to sharpen its own tools with existing staff, seriously  eliminating down time.     Money and time that is normally wasted shows up on the bottom line as profit.

Cuttermasters  has facilities in Ottawa (Engineering and Rapid Prototyping), Smiths Falls (Ontario-Distribution), and Ogdensburg, NY (Manufacturing and Distribution).  We produce our own engineering drawings , then we prototype it , then it immediately goes out to the north american manufacturing sector.  We think its good business to keep this market busy producing cutting edge equipment.

Ask about our trade-in program to trade in your CUTTERMASTER

 Some Happy Customers:

  • US Navy National Research Lab Washington DC  (Cuttermaster Professional)
  • Boeing
  • Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
  • Canadian National Research Council
  • Canadian Forces Base Bagotville (AFB)
  • University of Ottawa Rehabilitation center
  • Department of National Defence Quality Engineering and Test Establishment. (QETE)
  • Mitsubishi
  • Crysler Canada
  • Arnprior Aerospace
  • Camcor Industries
  • Micron Precision
  • DND Canada (QETE) Cuttermaster Professional
  • BC Precision
  • Fujitsu
  • Fed Ex
  • Tesla
  • Johns Hopkins
  • St Olafs University Tool maker Program
  • San Diego State University
  • MS Aerospace
  • Sturm, Ruger & Co.
  • Strayer Voigt
  • US Navy Aerospace Lab Aberdeen MD (Cuttermaster Professional)
  • AGT Tooling
  • 4 Front Engineered Systems
  • Randys Automotive
  • Pegen Industries
  • Rolls Royce Aerospace
  • Saudi Military
  • Techno Troquales
  • 4 Front ES
  • High Tech Services
  • Pauls Tool and Die
  • Martins Sharpening (2 Cuttermaster Professional)
  • Gemini Tool Services
  • Seals Tool
  • Red Rigging – UK
  • Jamco America
  • Smart Die and design
  • Johns Hopkins (4 tradesmen)
  • Boeing Charleston (Tradesmen , Grinding carbon fibre)
  • MIT  Robotics Lab (Tradesman)
  • DOAll  Florida Tool grinding Operations (Cuttermaster Professional)
  • General Motors
  • New Mexico State University
  • Pas Tech
  • City of Chicago Maintenience
  • Concept 2 ( Tradesman Grinding carbon Fibre)
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Blossom Machining
  • Nasa