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  • Tradesman Machinist 6 Inch DC- Precision Bench Grinder

This Machine is Different

Quiet and Smooth. Five times more powerful than an AC motor. Low speed keeps the heat and dust to a minimum. Plated wheels always retain their shape.

Cut off, Modify End Mills

Configured to make quick work out of set screw flats (Weldon), neck reduction grinds and grind lathe tool stock and inserts, create T-Slot Cutters from end mills

Sharpen Reamers, Countersinks

Easy to use for necks, corner rads, reamers, sharpening, tool cut off. Or can be used in the fabrication of ceramics and carbon fiber.

Choose Your Grinder

  • Price: $ 0.00 CAD
    The Best Bench grinder you will ever own. Six inch Tradesman Wheel CBN 180 grit for HSS (Left), Six inch Tradesman Diamond wheel 180 grit, for carbide (Right), Quick Set Tool Rests