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This Machine is Different

Quiet and Smooth. Five times more powerful than an AC motor. Low speed keeps the heat and dust to a minimum. Plated wheels always retain their shape.

Cut off, Modify End Mills

Configured to make quick work out of set screw flats (Weldon), neck reduction grinds and grind lathe tool stock and inserts, create T-Slot Cutters from end mills

Sharpen Reamers, Countersinks

Easy to use for necks, corner rads, reamers, sharpening, tool cut off. Or can be used in the fabrication of ceramics and carbon fiber.

Choose Your Grinder


Choose Your Wheels   


Choose Your Accessories

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Custom: Choose your machine, Pick your wheels (included in the price), Choose your accessory if needed.


Choose Package Prices below

Tradesman Machinist TM6DC New 2017 Machine Package Tradesman Machinist with 2 Wheels , The Best Bench Grinder you will ever own

  • Six inch Tradesman Wheel CBN 180 grit for HSS (Left)
  • Six inch Tradesman Diamond wheel 180 grit, for carbide (Right)
  • Quick Set Tool Rests
Tradesman Machinist Professional WorkStation TMPWS
Machine Package
Tradesman DC Machinist Professional Workstation
Practically a tool and cutter grinder in a small footprint

  • Tradesman 6″ 180 Grit CBN wheel left-hand side
  • Weldon Flat / Diamond Chamfer Wheels on right hand side(.125″, .25″ .5″)(.125 is 200 grit CBN)
  • 6 inch Carbide cut off  kit  CW Hub and Diamond wheel
  • ER32 Necker/ Indexer / Flat maker Right hand side Tradesman Tool Indexer Collets set (1/8, 3/16 ,1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 ,9/16, 5/8 ,3/4)
48″ BELT
Tradesman  Machinist NC NecksFlats Basic Single Wheel


Tradesman DC Machinist NC (New)
This is for Neck reduction grinds, Cut off carbide end mills, HSS End mills, Weldon or set screw flats, or can be used to fabricate T-slot cutters from end mills using our shoulder wheel    Pictures Here

  • 1-1/4 Bore Tool Grinder wheel mount cut ott wheel
  • Neck reduction grinder / ER32 Right-hand side 1/4-3/4 Collets
    Tradesman NC With .5 Diamond wheel and V Block Set UP







 Countersink Workstation Attachment 
  • CBN or Diamond Face Wheel Kit (120 grit)
  • CMS-06 CDS Complete with 5 Piece Cam Set (Countersinks: 0, 1 Flute .020″ and .030″, 3 Flute .020″,.031″,.05″), Feed Table and Chucks for Drills 1/8″ to 7/8″)

 The Story of the Toycen Tradesman Machinist DC

The Tradesman machinist, with Precision plated Superabrasive wheels, is different. With our patented Powerful DC Drive system which is very powerful even at low speed with super-abrasive wheels, you can grind anything with practically no heat.

The flat, always sharp wheels (great for shaping tools), quiet, powerful, variable speed and no bucket of water on the front. The Tradesman 8 Inch has been the woodturner’s favorite for a few years now so we thought it was time to build one for machine shops.

Our Superabrasive wheels are balanced and always flat, so no extra grinding dust.   When you use our grinder with it’s DC motor you find you can grind heavy cuts at below 1000 rpm keeping the process cool and quiet. If you want to put a .005 radius/chamfer on something, you can hear when the tool contacts the wheel.

We have a patent on low speed high feed grinding with the Tradesman. It is not like using other grinders. Period. With the Tradesman DC Grinder you can grind carbide tools or Teflon on the same wheel because at 500 RPM, with no run out, there’s nothing threatening about it.

  • Machinists — Sharpen countersinks, drills, reduce end mill shanks, lathe tools, Inserts, Sharpen Reamers
  • Fabricators — Grind anything: plastic, leather, glass, steel, carbide without wheel load-up or glazing.
  • Deburring is a breeze on the Tradesman Belt.
  • (US Patent 9,089,946 July 28 2015) Toycen – All Rights Reserved
  • Cuttermasters’ precision plated cutter wheels — no danger, no dust, no dressing, just a good finish every time
  • Grind Weldon flats (set screw flat on carbide end mill shank), neck reductions, sharpen drills and countersinks.
  • The patented DC motor grinding system, 400 – 4000 rpm, allows you to remove material (any material) without generating excessive heat, eliminating tool burning.
  • Visit our new Tradesman Site for more information on the Tradesman and its other industrial uses.


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GaryGaryRolls-Royce Aerospace
The machines are working out great. As always, so much repair work going on here it’s slow to get into the Cuttermasters as much as I’d like but it is easy
SteenSteenBC, Canada
I love it. It’s a miracle I made it this far without the Tradesman tool grinder. The wheels run precise and true and combined with the variable speed the
AndyAndyCA, USA
I just want to tell you how great your Tradesman grinder is. I have the Tormek t7, the work sharp system and a conventional grinder with silicon
JamesJamesFL, USA
Jeff, The Cuttermaster wheel you sent is doing great. I installed it on 7-23-12 on one of the machines I cut pilots with and I noticed the excellent balance which


Price List

T-LG Tradesman Light Guard (20 LED Work Light and Lexan Shield) $65
T-MRJ Mitre Rest and Jig Plate Assembly (Two Rests and one Jig Plate) $65
CMS-WF.3 6″ Diamond Wheel (100 Grit Weldon Flat, Chamfer, Neck .250″ Wide Flat) $185
CMS-WF.5 6″ Diamond Wheel (100 Grit Weldon Flat, Chamfer, Neck .500″ Wide Flat) $245
CMS-CTC 6″ Carbide Cut Off Kit $265
CMS-FC180 6″ CBN or Diamond Face Wheel 180 Grit $245
CMS-TM Hub 1.25 Inch Hub For mounting tool grinder wheels $48
CMS-MFR Mitre Feed Rest and Jig Plate Assembly for Tradesman Machinist $114
Tradesman Machinist TM6DC     Tradesman Machinist. with 2 Wheels (your choice)
Six inch Tradesman Wheel CBN 180 grit for HSS (Left)
Six inch Tradesman Diamond wheel 180 grit, for carbide (Right)
Quick Set Tool Rests
 Tradesman Machinist Tradesman Machinist. with 1 Wheel (your choice)  $965

Request a Quote or Call us at 1 (800) 417-2171


Technical Specifications

Base Machine Dimensions 
W 12″ x W 11.5″ x D 11″
Base Machine Shipping dimensions
12″ x 12″ x 24″
Machine Weight not including Accessories or wheels
Net: 35 lbs, Gross: 40 lbs
500 Watt DC Variable, with Toycen DC Whisper Drive


Some Happy Tradesman Customers

Marshall Space Flight Center Marshall Space Flight Center
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Concept 2 Rowing

Request a Quote or Call us at 1 (800) 417-2171


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