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We’ve learned a lot in our 20 years in the cutting tool grinding business
And this is what we know.

Resin bond wheels are sharp, Plated bond wheels are dull
Resin bond wheels never wear out , Plated bond wheels are fragile and wear out

This is  a no brainer:
The abrasive particles in resin bond wheels are sharp and cut the steel instead of “plowing”
this results in a thinner  which is easily removed.

In this test we used a :
100 grit diamond resin bond wheel for apex fabrication
2000 Grit Diamond wheel fore Edge prep (Finish grinding)
Composite wheel (40 durometer neoprene)  Tormek Paste

Look at the second picture totally manageable burr can be taken off with a few strokes on a paddle strop
Third picture one light pass low rpm wheel to a micro burr.
Fourth Picture   3 super light passes each side burr is totally gone.

Best part:  Resin bond wheels almost never wear out, 🙂

Magnacut  Test Creely Knife September 25 2023 Sharp Burr Free Knife in 16 Strokes Total

KKnives Switzerland on resin bond wheels


This is a no brainer

Jeff Toycen
Sept 2022


Common Questions
Is the machine availabloe  in a 230V version?
Yes Available in 120 or 220 240 Specify at time of order   voltage  and Plug type
Do you ship worldwide
Yes Let us Know  your country and postal code and I’ll be happy to provide an estimate with delivery.
Do both the maker and sharpener have the same torque at low rpm?
Same torque essentially   40-500rpm on the M (knife maker)  200-1000 RPM on the sharpener.
Are the wheels that come with the machine resin bonded or electroplated? More grit choices in plated
Either  We have plated bond wheels and currently . We have several grits in available in both plated and resin
Resin increases the machine cost by 200.00
If  resin bond, can they go out flat
Yes.  (but hard to do)
Is there a way to dress them true and flat again?
Resin wheel wear is proving to be minimal  care should be taken to wear them evenly , yes they can be trued
Are the wheels are 10″ or 250mm?
Wheels are 250 mm x 50.8  and a common hub width with Tormek


Misen Butcher Knife (AUS-10)  September 26 2023   —  Sharp knife burr free in 18 Strokes total


Burr Creation, Control and removal at its finest


Showing what the burr looks like from 600 grit plated , 220 grit CBN resin Bond , 500 grit diamond resin bond to hone

2 passes composite wheel 130 Bess , ill take it