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  • Bladesman 1X42 and 1X30 Belt Grinder to 400 to 3000 SFM Reversing Horizontal Belt and Apex knife guide

Fast, Comfortable, Easy to Use, bullet proof Angle settings, Cuts the work in half
Early Production Model (no paint) 0n sale as of August 1  $965.00
Bladesman 42 DC Precision Belt Grinder 120V Variable speed Reversing Available September 30 2023
Bladesman 30 DC Precision Belt Grinder 120V  Variable Speed Reversing Available Dec 2023
Knife Sharpening System Variable Speed Reverse 400 to 3000 SFM
Complete with a set of Resin Trizact Style Belts
120,320 D35 (800) D 20 (1000) and D16 (2000)
 Grip length Calculator App (save it to your phone or desktop)
Bullet proof Angles Works Amazing No More guessing