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.08″ – 1-1/4″ Drill Point Grinder (2-32 mm)

  • DS-232-Large-Drill-Grinder-Detail-768×497
  • DS-232-Large-Drill-Grinder-Timing-Port-768×576
  • DS-232-Large-Drill-Grinder-Rear-3-500×357
  • DS-232-Large-Drill-Grinder-Detail-768×497
  • DS-232-Large-Drill-Grinder-Timing-Port-768×576
  • DS-232-Large-Drill-Grinder-Rear-3-500×357


  • Drill Point Grinder 0.08" to 1-1/4" (2-32mm)
  • Easy and perfect ends with back split
  • 60° - 170° point angle
  • Includes full ER20 and ER40 collet set
  • Includes tool storage
  • Grinds several point geometries
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Synic Precision, Toycen
29 kg
50 × 37 × 37 cm
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$ 2,284 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 2,969


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$ 2,284 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 2,969

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This is our full capacity drill sharpener, grinding drill points up to 1-1/4″ and as small as 0.080″. It is essentially our two popular grinders: the DS213 (up to 1/2″) and the DS1332 (1/16″ to 1-1/4″) in one machine. The grinder comes complete with a full  collet set and storage. Our drill grinders all feature easy operation (go from never-seen-a-drill to expert in under an hour) with perfect back split, center cutting geometry every time.

The DS232 Large Drill Sharpener provides a valuable return on investment to any shop with dull drill bits. Adding this sharpener to your shop will immediately decrease your spending on new tools. The DS232 Drill Sharpener is easy to use, small footprint heavy-duty construction for industrial tool sharpening. It allows you to create center-cutting end geometry so that a pilot hole is not needed.  The machine comes with a 200 grit wheel and collet set.

These drill grinders are not the look-alike grinders found on eBay and Alibaba. Cuttermasters grinders are tested in North America, CE approved and covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. The wheels are the bottom line, if the wheels are no good the machine is no good. Our wheels are produced using General Electric abrasive media under strict conditions to ensure long life and in some cases are designed by Cuttermasters in North America. Color may vary as we stock both in red and yellow.

  • Accurate Center within 0.001 Inch
  • Creates center cutting geometry or chisel tip
  • High accuracy balance of tip geometry
  • Easy to operate, grinding tools within 1 minute
  • High accuracy steel alloy collets
  • High-efficiency DC motor
  • Industrial quality GE grinding wheel
  • Portable

Price $1,980.00 USD. In stock (New Machines are Yellow and very accurate)

Drill Diameter 2mm – 32mm
Power Supply AC 120V 50/60Hz, 300W, AC 220V(Opt.)
R.P.M of Motor 5300
Grinding Wheel 200 grit
Weight N.W 25Kg G.W 25.7Kg
Machine Size L 430mm, W 250mm, H 190mm
Packing Size L 500mm W 310mm, H 310mm
Standard Accessories Collet x 32 pcsHexagon Wrench 3mm x 1pcs / 4mm x 1 pcs

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29 kg
50 × 37 × 37 cm

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