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Carbide Cut Off

Resin bond wheels make small chips are weak and run hot, they need to spin fast. Usually the weapon of choice for cutting off carbide.

I’ve developed a new wheel that leverages the high torque of the Tradesman and an aggressive wheel structure. The Toycen Spin on this is that the nickel and Media combined add reinforcement to the wheel rim, Then, combined with the lower speed and thicker chip  The Fastcut wheel is the opposite of a fragile, weak resin bond wheel.

A unique mix of structured Diamond abrasive in a coarser grit on a stronger core with the power of the Tradesman DC  at lower Rpm does the trick

Our new Fast cut wheels run cooler, effective because of the grit lower RPM,  cut three times as fast as a resin wheel, and have a better life.

Toycen designed Cuttermaster Professional plated bond wheels , 80 grit chip much faster at 1/3 the speed keeping the heat down
The wheel is designed to be run with the powerful DC motor  Toycen Tradesman
Available in Slotted and Solid rim.

Fast Cut Wheel works Really Good on the new CM03D on a Cuttermaster