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Weldon Set Screw Flats

The All-Important Set Screw Flat

The tool you need for a job may not have an important feature: the set screw flat. The danger is that without a flat to receive the set screw, the tool could come loose and potentially ruin your part. Quickly add a perfect set screw flat or Weldon flat using the V Block Attachment (Click here for a YouTube video) or the T-ER32 Neck Grinding Attachment and one of our Chamfer Wheels.

Our Diamond and CBN Chamfer Wheels for Flats

These are the grinding wheels we recommend for flats. They are available in various widths of flat and the sides are chamfered to guide in the set screw. Designed by Cuttermasters we use the highest quality CBN and diamond to create a long lasting flat grinding wheel.

Grind Flats with the Tradesman Machinist and V-Block or ER32 Tool Holder

Grind Flats with the Tradesman Machinist and ER32 Tool Holder