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  • Tradesman Edge 12 Workstation Wet or Dry Belt or Waterbath Wheel or Belt

Tormek Water Bath Kit for Tormek Wheels

This machine came into existence because  I wanted one!
I liked the Geared belt with a beast DC motor.
It occurred to me there is not much material present when finishing an edge. Smooth quiet accurate abrasive with a controlled belt speed is essential to achieve a microscopically perfect fine edge.

A light, accurate touch is also required (I’m still working on the light accurate touch part).

So the mission became ~~ Build one get it on the bench and let the training begin!

Now we cant keep them in stock 🙂  and we are learning a lot from our friends who really know how to sharpen !

This new configuration is an Edge work station 12mm shaft.
Mounts Tormek 50 x 200  (2×10) mm wheels water bath or Tradesman 2 x 48 inch Belts.
For our tests we had 3M make is Trizact belts A6 A16 A30 A45  A60 belts

This Machine is designed to be the best possible wheel solution available
and or the Best available belt sharpening  process found anywhere

This is video is unedited couldn’t find the off switch 🙂

Tradesman Edge12  whisper drive for sharpeners wet or dry mounts all tormek Attachments
The Tradesman Edge 12 is our Edge with  12mm shafts designed to Mount Tormek 50 x 200 (2x 10 Inch) Wheels
A variable-speed reversing workstation for all of your Tormek attachments

This machine can also mount our Belt system

I really like the work that Tormek has done and what  Knifegrinders is doing on their machines.

Best of all worlds
Jeff Toycen

Tradesman Edge Sharpeners Dream

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