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  • Toycen ER32 Motor Spindle for Cuttermaster and Journeyman for end mill Cut off and Neck reduction grinds

This is a Precision ER32 Motorized Spindle Designed to be mounted to any table with T slots ,
12V 2 amps it is a 200 RPM Spindle DC vert quiet Designed to  be run off of its 10 amp power supply or a battery
This has been created for Precision neck grinding of small tools or to cut off carbide or HSS tools Fits on Cuttermaster or Journeyman Machines

Perfect for Production Cut off of carbide blanks

Here we are using our 220 Grit diamond wheel for necking back small carbide end mills

220 Grit diamond wheel                                Old School (big and Heavy)  and Ugly is free

The Mission  precision grind really small tools

The solution  Dec 2019 Bolts to any table with a t slot

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