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The best thing you did for me Brad – was asked me at the very end of this process if I wanted a 42 inch instead of 48. This makes me super happy now has every belt in my shop is adaptable to your new machine. This for me is serious. The availability of 1.25 inch wide belts seems to be not so great – but maybe that’s just me. I much prefer to work on a 1 inch belt. When running a 3M belt on your machine there is almost no sound at all. I really love this thing and can’t wait to start using it. Thank you for all your help – and I’ll wait to hear about my wheel when it comes in and also the replacement 220 grit diamond wheel for my machinist. And coming up I plan to order the six-inch machine with two 2 x 36 belt attachments. Can’t wait. Hope to do this very soon

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