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My initial answer would have been “no” cause I have everything darn tool and accessory already and then some. I’m the Tim Allen of woodturning. Ah ah ah ahhhhh, However, a few weeks ago I added the Jamison Bowl gouge to my weapon collection and was happy about it. I was influenced by one of our administrator’s comments about it. It performs outstandingly. Also about a year ago, I made the plunge to the Tradesman Grinder as a result of a discussion here. I have both belt and CBN.The best purchase(woodturning) I have made since 2000 when I bought my 2436 and well worth the extra money for the variable speed and the out of the box near-zero runout on the CBN wheel. Customer service is just extraordinary. Yeah, so coming to this site is dangerous to your financial health. However, when I go into my shop and see my Oneway and Tradesman the feeling of joy that I get money cant buy!

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