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Tradesman 6″ Machinist DC Variable Speed Bench Grinder, T6DCW


 Tradesman Machinist Complete with two Precision Plated Grinding Wheels, CBN and Diamond  Powerful Torque Compensating Whisper Drive  Grind HSS and Carbide  DC Variable Speed  Standard Tool Rests  Plugs in to any AC outlet read more
14 kg
Shipping Dimensions:
31 × 31 × 31 cm


$ 1,225 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 1,531


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$ 1,225 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 1,531

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The Tradesman Machinist Complete with two 6″ Grinding Wheels and Standard Tool Rests. This is our two-wheeled version of the Tradesman Machinist, designed to be customized to suit your shop needs as well as a powerful general-purpose bench grinder for carbide and high speed steel tools. 

Our Superabrasive wheels are balanced and always flat, so no extra grinding dust. When you use the Tradesman Grinder with it’s DC motor you find you can grind heavy cuts, at below 1000 rpm, keeping the grinding process cool and quiet.  If you want to put a .005 radius/chamfer on something, you can hear when the tool contacts the wheel. Grind anything with practically no heat.

The Tradesman Machinist is compatible with our wide range of attachments to simplify common machine shop necessities such as neck reduction, set screw flats and carbide cut off. Visit our Tradesman Tool Grinding Accessories Page to see the full list of accessories.

We have a patent on low speed high feed grinding with the Tradesman. It is not like using other grinders. Period. With the Tradesman DC Grinder you can grind carbide tools or Teflon on the same wheel because at 500 RPM, with no run out, there’s nothing threatening about it.

The Tradesman Machinist can be configured to simplify many important shop tasks.

Weldon Set Screw Flats

The tool you need for a job may not have an important feature: the set screw flat. Quickly add a perfect set screw flat or Weldon flat using the V Block Attachment (Click here for a YouTube video) or the T-ER32 Neck Grinding Attachment and one of our Chamfer Wheels.  This same set up is perfect for reducing the neck diameter of your CBN and carbide tools.  However you may prefer one of our Shoulder Wheels for neck reduction as there is no chamfer which allows for closer approach to the collet chuck.

Carbide Cut Off

Cut off your carbide tools with our Plated Cut Off Wheel. This operation can be done with the V-Block instead of the T-ER-32 Neck Attachement but the attachment offers stability and tool rotation for a quicker and cooler cutting cycle. Click here for a YouTube video.

Radius Grinding

Grind rads quickly and easily with our Profiled Radius Wheels.  Our T-ER-32i Neck Grinding Attachment indexes to flute positions for 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 flute end mills and allows you to plunge grind a radius (YouTube video).

Neck Reduction and T-Cutter Creation

Neck reduction: This often needed grind is quick and easy with the Tradesman Machinist T-ER32 Neck Grinding Attachment and one of our selection of CBN and diamond Shoulder Wheels.  This same set up is perfect for creating your own T-cutter out of a standard end mill.

Countersink and Drill Grinding

Sharpen countersinks: This is our standard CM-06 Drill Point Grinder with a feed table and an additional cam set to turn it in to a great countersink sharpener.  Grind zero, single, two, three and four flute countersinks. You will also be able to do standard chisel tip drill points.  Use with our 6″ CBN Face Wheel.

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Shipping Dimensions

14 kg
Shipping Dimensions
31 × 31 × 31 cm

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