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Production Support Package, CM-PS1


Two resin bond cup wheels Braked wheel truing device read more


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  • CAD: $ 719


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$ 575 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 719

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CM-PS1 Cuttermasters Production Support Package

The Cuttermasters Production Support Package, CM-PS1 is a package deal on two resin bond cup wheels, and our Spindle mounted wheel Braked wheel  truer/ dresser. All of our tool grinders come with collets and an aluminum oxide grinding wheel so that they are ready to grind ends and flutes out-of-the-box. The wheel kit gets you going with our recommended resin bond wheels. Standard is one CBN for high-speed steel and one diamond for carbide. However, you can choose from any of our CBN and diamond 4″ and 5″ 11V9C cup wheels — Call or simply leave us a note at the check out which wheels you prefer. 

Click here to view our 11V9C resin bond wheels

The Cuttermasters Production Support Package 2 is a CM-PS1 with the addition of six piece countersink and step drill cam set.

Shipping Dimensions


CBN, Diamond


4", 5"

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