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Tradesman Edge Twin Belt DC Belt Sander for Blade-Smiths and Sharpeners


  • Tradesman Edge
  • Complete with two belt attachments (buffing wheel not included)
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15 kg
Shipping Dimensions:
36 × 36 × 36 cm


$ 1,935 $ 1,725 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 2,156


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$ 1,935 $ 1,725 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 2,156

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The Tradesman Edge

 Tradesman Edge Triple Mount
Belt Belt Felt ~~ Rough Finish Hone one machine

  • DC motor Geared Belt Drive is super powerful
  • The Edge is smooth, Quiet and Powerful from 50 to 2000 RPM
  •  PulseWidth Modulated DC  Drive Geared Belt reduction
  • High Torque – at 50 to 3000 surface feet  for fine finishing of precision edges
  • Built by machinists in Canada and the US using quality parts and practices you can trust
  • Tradesman Edge Comes 2×36 2×48 4 x 48 inch belt
  • Infinitely Variable speed reversing
  • Perfect for the Samurai Edge
  • Plugs in to any AC outlet

    This Belt sander is different it is designed for Bladesmiths
    What we’ve done to make this machine one of a kind.

    What makes the edge so quiet?

    The Platens are machined flat to within.001 flat, The platens have Rads all around, The platen corners are radiused, The platens have an open belt area, The belt frame has been reduced in size to improve the approach so the blade can be sharpened right to the bolster/ handle.

    The Motor is shaft  is isolated from the main shaft with a geared timing belt, the main shaft is 1 inch diameter uses the same large single row ball we use in our Largest tool grinder.  Yes we can stand a coin on edge on top of the machine at any speed range (the Tradesman Loonie test)    Smooth is the name of the game

    Tool / Work/ hand rests (Large and Comfortable) can be positioned almost anywhere on the belt,
     front or back or on the base.    Open side panel threaded holes for scissor fixturing.

    Configuration Choices   twin 2 x 48 ,Twin 4 x 48 ,Twin 2 x 36, 2 X 48 ,4x 48 combo  or Belt Belt felt

    Belts can be vertical or horizontal, moved with no tools required, one belt up one belt down forward or backward,

    The Motor and Motor Drive are silent,  at 100 surface feet, direction, edge into the belt 600 grit belt you can ber on the blade so it sits flat on the platen without fear of damaging the knife 


    Toycen DC whisper drive Speed range from 150 to 3000 surface feet 
    Any Position either belt, Reversing, Quiet, Unstoppable Geared Belt Drive, available in various speed ranges 

    Rough, Finish, Hone

Shipping Dimensions

15 kg
Shipping Dimensions
36 × 36 × 36 cm

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