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Carbide Cut Off Wheel – Fast Cut, Diamond Plated, 80 Grit, Long Life

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  • Shank-Cut-Off-Flat-Grinding-Fixture-Cut-Off
  • CMS-Cut-D-CMX
  • Slotted-Cut-Off-Wheel-Direction


  • • Fast Cut - Carbide Cut Off Wheel
  • • Diamond Plated
  • • 6" diameter
  • • .050" thickness
  • • 1.25" arbor
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Cuttermasters, Toycen
.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions:
17 × 18 × 6 cm


$ 225 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 281


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$ 225 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 281

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  • Carbide Cut Off Wheel
  • Diamond Plated
  • Formulated for dry grinding
  • 80 grit
  • 6″ diameter
  • .050″ thickness
  • 1.25″ arbor
  • Long useful life slotted or solid rim
Carbide Cut Off

Fast Cut - Diamond Plated - Long Life

Resin bond wheels are usually the weapon of choice for cutting off carbide but they are fragile. Our new Fast Cut wheels offer an alternative to this.

A unique mix of structured diamond abrasive in a coarser grit on a stronger core does the trick.

Cuttermasters Fast Cut wheels run cooler at lower RPM and cut three times as fast as a resin wheel with better life.

Use this wheel with The Tradesman Machinist DC Variable Speed Grinder

Carbide Cut Off Grinder

The Tradesman DC Variable Speed Grinder has loads of torque at slow speed. Pair that with this 80 grit diamond cut off wheel and you have a cut off operation that is fast and doesn’t overheat your carbide tool.

Use on our CUTTERMASTER Professional Tool Grinders

This wheel is designed for the CUTTERMASTER Professional Journeyman and Tradesman DC Variable Speed Grinders because of their high torque at slow speed.

The 80 grit makes a bigger chip size and the slots furth contribute to cool cut off temperatures ensuring that the tool doesn’t overheat and the wheel doesn’t buckle.

Do you need a 6" Wheel Guard?

Shipping Dimensions

.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions
17 × 18 × 6 cm

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