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Easy Ends Kit for End Mill Ends – Support Package, CM-PS3

  • Easy Ends
  • Easy Ends


Recommended kit for easy ends: primary, secondary, gash
  • • One plated rim wheel
  • • Spindle extension
  • • 90° magnetic y-axis indicator
  • • Machinist square: 3" x 5"
  • Tool Setter Bar (Horizontal Flute Timing)
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2 kg
12 × 12 × 12 cm
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Easy End Mill Ends on a CUTTERMASTER

The Cuttermasters Production Support Package, CM-PS3 consists of the following items: a machinist square for setting the tool, a Plated Bond Toycen rim wheel, a magnetic shelf-mounted dial indicator, and a spindle extension. This kit is an efficient setup for reproducing complex end features. Easily grind new center cutting ends from cut-off or regrind center cutting ends. Primary, secondary, and gash.

Choose the CBN plated wheel for HSS tools. Choose the diamond-plated wheel for carbide tools.

Choose the 1″ extension if you have a tower like the CM-01P or JXT. Choose the 2″ extension if you have a regular style CUTTERMASTER, like the CM-01, etc…

Using the Easy Ends Kit to Quickly Pick up an Existing Grind

Machinist Square

The solution to easy ends starts with properly timing the tool so that you can index around the flutes. This is best done with a machinist square.  Properly time the end mill in the collet using a machinist square like this 5″ x 3″ included in the kit

90 Degree y-Axis Indicator

Keeping track of the y-axis is easy with this upward facing dial indicator. It is important to keep track of your y axis table movements so that you don’t accidentally over grind your center. Choose the digital version or graduated dial.

Precision Plated Rim Wheel

Choose CBN (for HSS) or diamond (for carbide) with the kit. Add the wheel below if you want two wheels

Spindle Extension

For standard cuttermaster grinders choose the 2-1/2″ extension. For grinders with a tower like the CM-01P and JXT choose the 1-1/4″ extension.

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2 kg
12 × 12 × 12 cm

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