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CUTTERMASTER Professional Basic End Mill Grinder CM-01DC


CUTTERMASTER Professional CM-01DC Basic DC End Mill End and Flute Grinder. Comes with one aluminum oxide grinding wheel and collet set. read more


$ 4,857 (CAD)

  • USD: $ 3,886


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$ 4,857 (CAD)

  • USD: $ 3,886

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Bare Machine: Includes one aluminum oxide grinding wheel and 7pc. 5C collet set.

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The CM-01DC, our most basic end mill grinder, DC variable speed, based on the tried and true CUTTERMASTER design. Featuring many improvements, most notably the addition of a DC variable speed (Torque Compensating Whisper Drive) motor and control, the CM-01DC is a great machine for grinding ends and flutes. Our Toycen Air Bearing Fixture, used on all of our traditional end mill grinders, is an improvement over the original as the housing is roller burnished (as opposed to honed on the original) providing greater accuracy.

This is a great machine for grinding the ends and flutes of end mills.  With the addition of accessories you can grind countersinks (CM-CSJ Countersink Cam Set), corner radiuses (CM-03 Radius Attachment).

CM-01DC versus the Journeyman JX. The main difference between the CM-01DC and the Journeyman JX, is that the JX has the added ability to swivel the motor head 360 degrees, allowing for additional set ups.  It is a basic machine to get you grinding end mill ends and flutes, without some extras, at an affordable price point. The CM-01DC ships with an Aluminum Oxide grinding wheel, 5C Collet set, tool kit.

Production Support Packages

This is the bare machine and comes complete with collets and everything you need to get started except for grinding wheels. For wheels we recommend one or two of our CBN (for high speed steel tools) and diamond (for carbide) cup wheels. Or choose our Production Support Package which is a great deal on cup wheels, wheel truing device, countersink and step drill cams and a plated face wheel.

End Mill Grinding Demonstration on a CM-01DC / JX

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