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Cuttermaster Professional CM-01 End Mill Sharpener

  • CM01 MIll Master1
  • Journeyman End Mill and Corner Radius Grinder JXR-4
  • CM01 MIll Master1
  • Journeyman End Mill and Corner Radius Grinder JXR-4


CUTTERMASTER Professional CM-01 Basic End Mill Sharpener MillMaster
  • • End Mill End and Flute Grinder
  • • 3800 RPM DC Motor 350 Watt Diode Bridge control with reverse
  • • Includes 1 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel
  • 7 Piece 5C Collet set
  • • Manual
  • • Ready to run
  • • Quick Set Tool rest
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90 kg
Shipping Dimensions:
80 × 80 × 80 cm


$ 3,686 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 4,608


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$ 3,686 (USD)

  • CAD: $ 4,608

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Mill Master CM-01 Basic End Mill Sharpener

  • Easily Sharpen End Mill Ends and Flutes from 1/8 Up to 2-inch x 10 inch
  • Neck reduction Grinds, Ball and Bullnose (corner  radius)
  • Router bits, Countersinks, Reamers, Drills up to 3 inch
  • Fits all available Cuttermaster accessories
  • Made in North America for today’s tools
  • Easy to set up

2021 Mill Master  DC  CM-01
(FG-30, MG-30, HDT-30)

The  CM-01 is easy to set up and easy to use . This is the machine if your a shop owner who wants to sharpen his own tools

Designed in 1972 there are about 35000 of these units in the field, with many accessories in the market this is a proven intuitive easy to use platform.

This single-speed, reversing grinder is the latest version of the tried and true CUTTERMASTER Tool and Cutter Grinder.  Previous Models were the FCG-30, MG-30, HDT-30, and GD-66. The CM-01 is the current North American built model.

This package includes an aluminum oxide grinding wheel, a tool kit, an operator’s manual and can sharpen ends and flutes of up to 2″ x 10″End Mills.

This is a great machine for grinding the ends and flutes of end mills.  With the addition of accessories, you can grind countersinks (CM-CSJ Countersink Cam Set), corner radiuses (CM-03 Radius Attachment). Drills, Large drills up to 3 inch, Reamers, Single lip cutters, Router bits.

Grinding Wheels and Production Support Packages

The Machine  comes with an aluminum oxide grinding wheel, we recommend our 11V9C CBN (for high-speed steel tools) and diamond (for carbide) cup wheels. Choose one of our Production Support Packages for superabrasive wheels and Countersinks

End Mill Grinding Demonstration on a CM-01DC / JX

CM-01 versus the Journeyman JX. The main difference between the CM-01 and the more advanced Journeyman JX models, is that the JX has a larger motor, variable speed whisper drive, the added ability to swivel the motorhead 360 degrees allowing for additional set-ups.

The above video shows the JX but the setup and operation would be the same for the CM-01

CM-01DC Specifications

Air Bearing Stroke  10.5″
Air Bearing Swing Over Table 9.8″ (248.92)
Cutting Tool Capacity 2″ shank, 9.8″ O.D.
Flute Length 6.5″ Standard or 10 inch″
T-Slot Dimension 0.8″ (20.32mm) x 0.5″ (12.7mm) x 0.67″ (17.018mm)
Table Feed Gradations 0.001″ (0.02mm)
X-Axis Table Travel 6″ (152.4mm)
Y-Axis Table Travel 3″ (76.2mm) + sildes back & forth 6″ (152.4mm)
X-Axis Table Working Space 16.5″ (419.1mm) x 5.5″ (139.7mm)
Y-Axis Table Working space 13″ (330.2) x 5.5″ (139.7)
Wheel 5″ x 1.25″ cup or 6″ dish with Z-axis
Motor Tilt +35° -8°
Power /Motor 110v / 60Hz or 220v 50Hz — 350W, 3800 rpm, DC PM Rev
Net Weight 180lbs (82Kg)
Gross Weight 232lb (106Kg)
Machine Dimensions excluding handles 21″ x 20″ x 21″
Shipping Dimensions 30″ x 28″ x 29″, 230lbs

Shipping Dimensions

90 kg
Shipping Dimensions
80 × 80 × 80 cm

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