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The Latest Tradesman EDGE Twin Belt Variable Speed with Reverse
Showing off our latest big boys Toy.

Here we are doing the Canadian Loonie test, Our customers have been asking for felt wheels but they were too unstable , So i completely redesigned the machine big bearing and extension shaft, 3 to1 HTD3M timed geared belt reduction , noise suppression liner inside the cover, perfectly flat machined plattens with open belt area, machined rounded corners on all plattens , close hilt approach on both sides of the belt , FLying Tormek Bracket (can mount the tormek anywhere, Large multi mound work rests, super quiet, belts up down forward, reverse fast or super slow, speeds with our knife rail for Precision lapping. (we even machined the felt wheel )

Precision Knife sharpening rail out next week no more guesswork razor sharp minimum deburring/honing

Precision Honing spindle extension 

Notice the Canadian loonie standing on edge  on a twin-belt machine with a buffing wheel ( the machine is a flimsy rolling cabinet,  not bolted down)

I like this one Hope you do to


Jeff Toycen 

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