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End Mill Sharpeners

Sharpen Flutes as well as Ends with a Traditional Tool Grinder

To sharpen the flutes (outside helical diameter) of end mill ends as well as the flutes, you need a tool grinder with an air spindle. These are our traditional tool grinders, based on the old CUTTERMASTER design and Made in Canada with state-of-the-art DC drive and air spindle. These grinders can be set up to sharpen corner rads, countersinks, taps, compression bits, as well as many other tools and also secondary operations like neck reduction Weldon set screw flats and carbide cut off.

CUTTERMASTER Professional Line Up

Sharpen End Mill Ends

If you’re only sharpening end mill ends, these timed-chuck grinders make the complicated geometry of an end mill end simple. Once the tool is timed in the ER collet chuck assembly, center cutting ends are easily achieved by dropping the chuck into prescribed grinding ports. These grinders are available as combination grinders as well featuring other useful operations: cut off, corner radius, and drill point grinding. The JXT Makes ends easy. with an Easy Ends Kit with the plated bond 15V9 wheel even easier.