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  • Andy’s Test tools CS-320 1/4 inch 4 flute Center cutting , 4 different spot drills

DS-232 Large Capacity Drill Grinder

A short video on Drills, we grind test tools to show what can be done ,

Always remember:

New tools come off production lines where processes are perfected, perfect takes practice

Take the time, the factory took when they made them.
 (there are over 300 different shapes that can be put on the end of a drill)

Pick a grind that works for the Shop, and the grinder of your choice and everyone will be happy


Video on the 4 flute end mill side of the 320 for Andys 1/4 inch 4 flute center cutting end mill

The end mill side of these machines works very well

Two tools and you will be a PRO

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