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End Mill and Drill Cut-Off Machine GS -13N

Cut the end off of dull or damaged tools so that a new end geometry can be created

The GS-13N End Mill and Drill Cut-Off Machine provides a valuable return on investment to any shop needing to cut off or neck grind high speed steel or carbide rods or end mills. The GS-13N End Mill and Drill Cut-Off Machine is easy to use, has a small foot print and a heavy-duty construction for industrial use. Use it with the GS-6X End Mill Sharpening Machine or CM-R3 End Mill and Corner Radius Sharpening Machine.

These drill grinders are not the look-alike grinders that can be found on eBay and Alibaba. Cuttermasters grinders are tested in North America, CE approved and covered by our manufacturer’s warrantee. The wheels are the bottom line, if the wheels are no good the machine is no good. Our wheels are produced using General Electric abrasive media under strict conditions to ensure long life and in some cases are designed by Cuttermasters in North America.


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GS-13N End Mill and Drill Cut Off Machine $1,580.00

Cuttermasters is the only authorized North American distributer of GSC equipment.

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