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Annular Cutter Grinder

Annular-cutter-grinder-ERM2Finally a really good Annular cutter sharpener.

Cuttermasters teams up with Beiping to bring their Annular cutter grinder to our North American customers.
Our ACG 1450 is  the very popular ERM2 ,  built for us , to a new specification with changes in wheel speed , wheel shape, and operating voltages, and warantee.  We think you will like it.

We would have designed a new one but this is a nice  machine ! so we set out to see if we could influence some changes that our friends at Beiping could make without much grief that make it better.

The ACG-1450 Annular Cutter provides a substantial return on investment in any shop with dull annular cutters.

This new version of the venerable ERM2 (ACG-1450) will decrease  new tool expense, and will eliminate production time loss due to dull cutters. The ACG-1450 Annular Cutter Grinder is easy to use, has a small foot print and a heavy-duty construction for industrial tool sharpening.

Simple to set up anyone can sharpen high speed steel or carbide annular cutters with ease. The robust (80 pound)  construction & efficient design enable easy operation to sharpen annular cutters with precision.

A very intuitive Laser alignment system makes set up very easy. Included 4 dividing discs, laser pen, one CBN plated grinding wheel, written instructions, and exceptional customer service.

If you need one of these, it is likely you know other people who need their cutters sharpened also. Could be some good business there.


Annular_Cutter_Sharpener Annular_Cutter_Sharpener_3 Annular_Cutter_Sharpener_2

  • Specifications
    • 9/16 – 3 inch Diameter Maximum Cutter Capacity
    • Cuttermasters custom 110v 1100w Motor
  • 3400 rpm 5 inch 100 Grit wheel eliminates tip burning
    • 5 inch  CBN  grinding wheel  140 grit
    • 3/4 inch  Weldon Shank Cutter Holder
  • Power 110V 60 Hz 5 Amps

Download the Manual for the ACG-1450

$2475.00   US