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Tool Sharpening Machines/Grinders

Cuttermasters Tool Grinders are designed to be used on the shop floor so that your shop is never down in need of a sharp tool. These tool grinders are an excellent return on investment for any shop needing to:

  • Sharpen end mill ends
  • Sharpen end mill flutes
  • Grind end mill end gash
  • Sharpen countersinks
  • Grind neck reduction (neck relief, neck radius, reduced neck)
  • Grind Weldon flats (grind set screw flat on carbide end mill shank)
  • Cut off tools
The ultimate bench top tool grinder to grind rads, balls or necks. DC variable speed
grind Weldon flats (set screw flat on carbide end mill shank)
Tradesman DC Bench-Top Variable Speed Tool Grinder
The Toycen Tradesman DC Tool Grinder features a custom built DC motor for variable speed with no real loss of torque. High Feed at Low Speed.
The original CUTTERMASTER CM-01 end mill grinder
JOURNEYMAN JX End Mill Sharpener and Tool Grinder
Easy end mill ends and flutes with enhanced capabilities of a bench top tool grinder.