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JOURNEYMAN DC End Mill Sharpeners JXB Basic
JXPS Production Support

The 2017 Journeyman End Mill Sharpener is a good blend of old and new.  The state of the art silent DC drive on the old reliable CUTTERMASTER frame is compatible with all legacy CUTTERMASTER accessories. Easy to set up with the best air spindle on the market.

The 2017 Toycen  Journeyman End Mill Sharpener (Tool Grinder) The Patented Multi-Axis, Torque Compensating DC Motor Head with whisper drive helps to eliminate tool burning  (and you can hear what you’re doing).

Designed for easy set-ups for end mills, ball nose end mills, drills, countersinks. The Journeyman with Toycen DC drive is 600 watts, reversible, variable speed and produces ten times the torque of the CUTTERMASTER (approx 5 Foot Pounds @ 1000 rpm). This eliminates tool burning allows for heavy cuts at greatly reduced RPM cutting grinding time in half on some tools. The Patented new torque compensating DC Drive System has more down tilt and swivels on the base to allow for faster alignment and positioning for grinding of countersinks, reamers, annular cutters and side and face cutters.   This drive combined with our roller burnished air spindle with .0005 Total clearance makes this the best endmill sharpener on the in the market. (and the best value).


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CUTTERMASTER has sold nearly 20,000 units worldwide. Protected by US patent and copyright law, the CUTTERMASTER  platform and Air Spindle has not changed since the 70’s.

The result is the Journeyman (Model JX), the best bench top tool grinder in its class, designed by machinists and tool makers who grind tools. Download a CUTTERMASTER / DAREX / JX comparison chart


Three packages designed to suit your needs.

  • 2017 Journeyman JXB: The  Journeyman End Mill Sharpener, (3 Axis Motor)  air filter water separator, one aluminum oxide Wheel,  Toolkit and work light, Toycen  Constant Torque DC Control,  This is the 2017 Version of the old Cuttermaster with the Journeyman Constant torque Variable speed DC Drive system.
    $3,275.00 USD             (On Sale Until September 1, 2017,  reg $3575.00)
  • 2017 Journeyman JX Production Support Package PSP : Includes the Journeyman End Mill  Sharpener,  4 Axis Motor ,air filter water separator,   Toolkit and work light,   two Cuttermasters Super 12V resin bond grinding wheels (one CBN and one Diamond), a seven-piece collet set,  Spindle Mounted Wheel Truing Device, Isolation Feet, Toycen  Constant Torque DC Control, This is a Turn Key System (our Most popular)
    $4,265.00 USD
  • JX Tool Room – Drills and End Mills (JXT):  Production Support Package listed above and one DS216 Industrial Drill Sharpener (1/8″ to 5/8″ capacity). $5,375.00

    Journeyman Tool Grinder Specification Sheet axis Motor

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