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CUTTERMASTER Professional CM-01P

CUTTERMASTER Professional CM-01P

Grind Anything ~ CUTTERMASTER Professional, CM-01P, Best grinder in its class, Toycen Infinite Twin Spindle DC motor Tower and Toycen Radius Air Spindle (patented)

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$6,745.00 USD. In stock

  • Toycen Infinite Twin Motor Head
  • Cut off, Grind Weldon Set Screw Flats
  • Grind Flutes, Ends Rads, Reduced Necks,
  • Designed to keep the Machine tables free from grinding sparks and dust
  • Sharpen Reamers and Countersinks
  • Perfect flutes up to 2 inches, Fast ends
  • Ball Nose, Bull Nose with one single spindle the Toycen Radius Air (patented)
  • Grind Inside Flutes (Hoggers and Large Taps)
  • Infinitely Variable DC Whisper Drive with Torque Compensation
  • And you can hear yourself think (or that .010 Radius your grinding)

The latest addition to our Professional Tool Grinder line up is unlike anything on the market.
The patented Torque Compensating Twin Spindle DC Drive makes for fast set up and eliminates tool burning. Easily grind ends and flutes of end mills as well as countersinks, reamers, annular cutters and side and face cutters.

The Toycen Radius air Spindle is a combination linear air bearing/indexer for straight and taper flutes and Radius spindle for generating accurate bull and ball nose. no need for a separate Radius attachment end mills flutes as well as countersinks, reamers, annular cutters and side and face cutters.

Easy to use Fewer parts to manage

Designed by Jeff Toycen and Michael Colton.

Toycen is North America’s leading innovator in shop floor, cutting tool grinding equipment.

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