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Cuttermasters Industrial CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels

Cuttermasters CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels

Designed by Jeff Toycen ,

2015 we have created new shapes  or tweaked  conventional (very old) wheel shapes and media formulations to better perform on Journeyman and Cuttermaster end mill sharpeners.   Existing wheels 11V9 and 12V were designed for tool grinders. Those shapes are heavy, often hard to keep balanced and not always the best solution in the light cut, dry, geometry specific sharpener’s environment.

Tool grinding is a challenging , thoughtful process on a good day.
Having the right wheel can  make it  easier , speed up the process considerably and reduce production down time.    Good tools , much faster , no issues.

Background :these end mill sharpeners have been being sold to the public since the 70’s, stone wheels diamond dressers.
When superabrasive wheel came out , wheel truing went out the window and no one talked about it ,  (cant do diamond on diamond at 3600 rpm)
Tool grinding personnel were out of luck when it came to truing ,  dressing yes   truing no.
January 2014 we introduced our spindle mounted wheel grinder .   problem solved , now you can true up the wheel and dress it.     Its about time.

NOTE  : Some of our three hole wheels are designed to fit a few  machines that have varying hole centers, it may look like the hole center pitch is off but its actually suppose to be this way .  The center and faces are very accurate the mounting holes do not affect running performance.

Toycen spindle mounted wheel truer.
Recommended  Wheel Profile 

  • create end gash on end mills
  • grind neck reductions (shank/neck diameter relief)
  • corner radius creation (bull nose end mill grinding)
  • chamfer on tool ends
  • sharpening countersinks
  • Weldon flats / tapers

Traditional Resin Bond Wheels