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Sheet Metal Drill Sharpening Machine GS – 7

The Sheet Metal Drill Sharpening Machine GS – 7 will produce better-than-new sheet metal drill points accurately and quickly providing a valuable return on investment to any shop with dull sheet metal bits. The GS-7 is dual-function and sharpens regular drill bits quickly and easily as well. Adding the GS-7 to your shop will immediately decrease your spending on new drills. This drill sharpener is easy to use, has a small foot print and a heavy-duty construction for industrial drill sharpening.

These drill grinders are not the look-alike grinders that can be found on eBay and Alibaba. Cuttermasters grinders are tested in North America, CE approved and covered by our manufacturer’s warrantee. The wheels are the bottom line, if the wheels are no good the machine is no good. Our wheels are produced using General Electric abrasive media under strict conditions to ensure long life and in some cases are designed by Cuttermasters in North America.

  • Precision assurance to 0.02mm
  • Easy to operate: sharpen a drill within 10 seconds
  • Alloy steel collets
  • DC motor
  • GE Diamond grinding wheel

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Drill Diameter 3/32” – 1/2” (3mm-13mm)
Point Angle 90°~140°
Power Supply AC 110V 50/60Hz, AC 220V(Opt.)
R.P.M of Motor 5300 R.P.M
Grinding Wheel CBN#200
Weight N.W 13Kg G.W 13.5Kg
Machine Size L 283mm, W 145mm, H 210mm
Packing Size L 360mm W 215mm, H 265mm
Type of Thinning X Thinning
Standard Accessories Collet x 12 pcsCollet Holder x 1 setMetal Shim 0.1mm x 2 pcs / 0.3mm x 1 pcsHexagon Wrench 3mm x 1pcs / 4mm x 1 pcs* Optional SD Grinding Wheel for Carbide Drills

To purchase, call us at (800) 417-2171 or (613) 523 7753

GS-7 Drill Sharpener Sheet metal and twist drill sharpener $1,650.00

Cuttermasters is the only authorized North American distributer of GSC equipment.