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Tradesman Machinist Unibit Sharpener

Unibit Sharpening Fixture for Tradesman Machinist… Read More


This is the Cuttermaster with the new Journeyman Tower on it, for all of the CUTTERMASTER fans , this can be retrofitted onto existing Cuttermasters. or we can retrofit a new Cuttermaster.

Adding the DC Infinite twin Tower to any … Read More

Toycen ~ Riser for JX and CM01 An innovative Z axis

This cool item will take the place of a couple expensive Cuttermaster items Easy and Fast

The riser makes it possible to raise and or tip the motor for applications where the wheel must be above the tool ,  end … Read More

2016 Toycen DC Motor Control

2016 Toycen DC Motor Drives for Journeyman and Tradesman  CE… Read More

Bench Grinder for Machinists

For years now we have been building the very powerful and quiet Tradesman. Wood turners figured it out

Even though I invented this machine for machinists , seems we never made it interesting enough . so Ive turned up the … Read More

Grind Corner Radius, Neck Reduction , Cut off, Weldon Flat

Necks Flat, cut offs , drills and countersinks

Neck Grinder Production

Carbide Cut Off



End Mill Corner Radius

For the Christmas roll out of Tradesman Machinist  ,


Special thanks to mike Colton



Tradesman Machinist Short … Read More

grind Weldon flats (set screw flat on carbide end mill shank)

Weldon Flat Grinder Tradesman 3DC V Block Set up

This is a very slick set up for putting flats on carbide and HSS end mills , one shot , a few seconds and its done, perfect flat




Tradesman Twin Flat maker .5 and .3 wide flats… Read More

Wheel Truing and Profile Recommendation Cuttermasters Super abrasive wheels

Truing / Shaping Instruction

Squaring the outside edge

Profiling the Cup Clearance angle… Read More

Journeyman JXR

This Speeds up primary and secondary grind positioning and Motor elevating for gash grinding

Provides quick adjust for flute od angles and lift for annular cutters hogger flute grinding and over center positioning for gash grinding

Journeyman JXR  for 2016 … Read More

New Lightweight ,11V9 C Flaring cup wheel for Dry Grinding

Good versus not so good    new wheels formulated for dry grinding , end mill sharpening, stay true and balanced… Read More

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