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2017 CUTTERMASTER Professional Radius Air Spindle Ready for distribution

Cuttermaster Professional JXT Radius Air for 2017

This is a dimensional comparison between the 2010 CMX and the 2016 Rad air the size was reduced as there was not benefit with the extra bulk tube length was reduced, but can … Read More

Tradesman , Light-Shield Eye Shield (Magnetic Base)

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Tradesman Machinist Infinate Twin DC Tower Grinder (yep folks this is a bench grinder)

Yep Its true a really good grinder with super abrasive wheels Roughly 9 times the torque of an ac motor

Grind Materials you never thought possible no dust , No Noise , virtually no Heat

Imagine truing to grind a … Read More

Tailstock for Reamers and Tapered (Bridge) Reamers

New Adapter set up for sharpening Bridge reamers

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Tradesman Necker Indexing ER32 Collet chuck (up to 1 inch)

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Tradesman DC Bench Grinder Mitre Rest Feed Assy

Tradesman Feed assy for Mitre rest

Microfeed Mitre Table… Read More

Tradesman Machinist DC Tower Bench grinder

Tradesman Tower Six Eight Bench Grinder

Tradesman Eight Inch DC Tower Bench Grinder… Read More

Journeyman JXT Tool Room Tool Grinder


The 2016 Journeyman DC JXT Tool Grinder 130 Volt 500 Watt Variable speed Whisper drive with Torque compensation 400 4000 rpm.        Grind Anything





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Cuttermaster Professional CMX 2010 VS 2017

2017 Cuttermaster Professional

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