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Tradesman Machinist NC Single Wheel Necks, Flats and Cut off WorkStation

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Tradesman DC long carbide end mill cut off

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Journeyman Demonstration: End Mill Grinding

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Tradesman V Blocks for Weldon Flat and Cut off

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Tradesman NC Necker Tool Cutter Single wheel DC workstation

Fabricate T Cutters from Carbide or HSS End Mills


Fabricate T Cutters from End mills or Modify Existing Woodruff cutters

Cut off Carbide and HSS End Mills or pretty much anything.

Unique Single wheel Configuration 600 Watt torque compensating … Read More

Tradesman Machinist Countersink Sharpener

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Tradesman Machinist Belt, with Tormek Knife sharpening set up

Tradesman Belt with Tormek Knife Set up

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Tradesman Machinist NC

Tradesman Necker Cutter

More on this in a bit , this is a dedicated Neck Grinder and tool cut off machine 

For end mill neck reduction grinds and carbide tool cut off… Read More

Tradesman 4 x 48 DC Belt Sander

We work Hard on our beautiful grinders to make them smooth and quiet, @1000 rpm we remove a pile of material with less heat DC Torque is just different , Try it YOU wont go back to belt and tool … Read More

Cuttermaster or Journeyman Dedicated Shank , Carbide cut off , weldon flat grinding fixture

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