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Diamond Grinding Wheels

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Industrial Tool Sharpeners and Grinding Carbide

Our Synthetic Diamond grinding wheels are precision plated steel which means that they’ll hold their shape, stay cool, stay sharp and won’t emit dust.  If you are used to working with stone grinding wheels our synthetic diamond wheels are a breath of fresh air in terms of ease-of-use and safety.  They are an excellent return on investment when you consider that they’ll outlast your stone wheels by many lifetimes.

All of our Precision Plated Diamond Grinding Wheels are manufactured with a nickel plated synthetic diamond media.  The nickel plating ensures that the diamond media remains on the wheel to create a lasting super-abrasive surface that mills rather than grinds.  The Industrial variety of plating will be more appropriate for industrial, high-intensity applications.

DAREx M5 Replacement Wheel

Our 6 inch CBN Grinding Wheels and Diamond Grinding Wheels, equivalent to the DAREx M5  (DAREx part numbers PP04858GF and PP04857GF), have more grit and last at least twice as long as the DAREx wheels.  They are balanced, run true and won’t require dressing.   Diamond grinding wheels are good for grinding carbide.  For grinding high speed steel, please look at our CBN Grinding Wheels.

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DAREx M5 Replacement Wheel Diamond, Precision Plated, 6″ x 3/4″ x    1-1/4″ or 5/8 Bore    100 or 180 grit $210.00
Diamond Face Wheel Diamond, Precision Plated, 6″ x 3/4″ x 1 1/4″   Bore, 170 grit $245.00